What Makes Us Different

Over the last thirty-five years, we have seen more than a few “gold rushes.” And every time, beautiful old, sometimes irreplaceable jewelry and silver flatware was lost forever to the melt pot. Our goal is provide you the highest value for your gold, silver and fashion jewelry so that we can offer the pieces for resale in the global market place.

Unlike the usual “cash for gold” businesses, we offer a personalized experience within a private setting for selling your jewelry and silver flatware. What makes us unique is our ability to look at pre-owned fine and fashion jewelry with a detailed and experienced eye. Rather than looking at just the gold or silver scrap value of your jewelry, we look at each item as a finished piece of jewelry. We purchase a variety of different vintage and estate jewelry. 

Our primary concern is providing you with a pleasant, private experience during our scheduled consultation. We are passionate about what we do and your satisfaction with our service.

Starting the consultation process is as simple as filling out our short request form or calling us at 304-917-6088.