What Is Your Gold Worth?

We don’t believe you should have to settle for less money when selling your jewelry. Unlike “cash for gold” places, we evaluate and pay for your jewelry as entire pieces rather than amounts of precious metals to be melted. Your jewelry may also have age and collectability value, which we are sure to consider. Most cash for gold places subtract the diamonds or gemstones from their offer and focus only on the weight of the gold. Because they send the gold to a refiner to be melted down, they typically pay 40% or less of the scrap value of the gold. They pay nothing for any antique or designer value your jewelry may have.

Instead of melting down your jewelry, we focus on finding the right customer who will enjoy wearing it for years to come. We evaluate each piece individually, determining the metal purity and weight. We base our offer on 75-80% of the current gold spot value. From the start, our offer will be much higher than a typical cash for gold business. However, we are happy to offer even more for desirable antique and collectible pieces. 

The Advantage of Our Offer

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