Who We Are

Jewelry Buyers of Vienna was established by Jeanne Peters and Vienna native Kim Williams. Jeanne and Kim have built a successful e-commerce business in the Mid-Ohio Valley that has been growing for over 18 years. Their passion for jewelry has lead them to open JBV as a way to connect with people who are thinking of selling their jewelry.

Whether you inherited jewelry you will never wear, have jewelry that is dated and out of style, or just need some extra money JBV is here to help. Our private one-on-one consultation and open process will allow you to be confident in your decision whether to sell or not.

In recent years we have witnessed a multitude of businesses advertising they buy gold and silver. Some local, some out-of-staters that come to a hotel for the weekend to buy, and some internet based buyers who want you to send them your treasures in the mail. We take a different approach in our buying.

We believe in finding new homes for your jewelry, not in destroying beautiful pieces forever through the refining process. In the end, we will find the right customer who will enjoy your unneeded or unwanted treasures

We are a locally owned and operated business and we hope you consider calling us the next time you are thinking about selling your jewelry. To set up your free consultation call us at 304-917-6088.