Our Process

Your jewelry selling experience with us will be altogether different from that at the typical gold scrap buyer. We don't simply put your items on a scale and give you a price for the scrap value. We offer you a private and personal consultation where you are a part of our process! We work with you through every step of the consultation so you know how we determine our offer. Instead of weighing your gold or silver and giving a price for everything, we take the time to evaluate each individual item in your collection. Each piece you bring us will have its own offer, allowing you to make an informed selling decision. You can sell us everything, a piece or two, or nothing at all. The choice is completely yours. Whatever you decide, you can be confident your decision was based on an information-sharing and open process.

Here is our process:


·        We Sort. We separate the gold and sterling silver from the costume or fashion jewelry. Then we sort by metal purity: sterling silver, 10K, 14K, 18K, etc. Each piece is evaluated individually.


·        We Weigh. Each piece is weighed on a digital scale tested, certified and sealed by the State of West Virginia. We use the gram weight to determine the value. We weigh in grams and pay by the gram, no confusing pennyweights


·        We Research. We also evaluate the antique or collectability value which allows us to offer you more for your jewelry.


·        The Offer. After sorting, weighing, calculating and researching we are ready to discuss our offer for each piece. Our offers are pressure free because you are under no obligation to sell.


·        The Paperwork. If you are ready to sell, we are happy to move forward. You will need a valid driver’s license or state ID. All payments will be made by company check.

·        Thank You! We hope you tell your friends and share your experience about us on Facebook and Yelp!