Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do appraisals?

No. Instead we evaluate your jewelry and make an offer. It is based on what we are willing to pay given the current prices of gold and silver and demand for certain items.

Do I have to schedule a consultation?

Yes! We value your time as much as our own. We strive to devote all of our attention to each client. Your personalized consultation will take time. This allows us to evaluate your jewelry collection and gives you the opportunity to make an educated selling decision. 

Do consultations cost anything?

No. We offer a stress-free, no-obligation environment where you can learn about your jewelry and make an educated selling decision.

Do you melt the jewelry you buy?

Generally, no. We look at your jewelry as complete and finished pieces. We aim to buy vintage and estate jewelry in good to excellent condition that we can offer to new buyers, If you have a piece in your collection that is broken and beyond repair, only then would we consider sending it to a refiner.

How much is my gold or silver worth?

Please refer to our pages on What Is Your Gold Worth? and What Is Your Silver Worth?

How will I get paid for my jewelry?

If you decide to sell your jewelry, your payment will be immediate. In keeping with our commitment to professional and ethical business practices, we will make payment by company check drawn on a local bank. We do not pay in cash.

How do I request a consultation?

Just visit our contact page, or call 304-917-6088

Do I have to sell my jewelry during a consultation?

Absolutely not. There is no obligation to sell during one of our consultations. However, we will not offer written price guarantees on the jewelry. The prices of gold and silver and our current demand change from day to day, so our offers are only valid during our consultation.

Should I bring my appraisals or receipts with me to the consultation?

Yes, if you have previous jewelry appraisals or original receipts for your jewelry, please bring them. This may be helpful in evaluating and establishing value.

Should I clean my jewelry before I bring it?

No. Each piece of jewelry is as unique as you are, and they each require specific cleaning techniques. Our staff is well-versed in how to clean jewelry. All you need to do is bring in your treasures and we will take it from there. And please don't polish the silver. We prefer to use our own methods for that as well.

Do you buy anything other than jewelry?

Yes. We are always interested in purchasing flatware and holloware as well as objets d'art.